Tehnološko sodelovanje

Tehnološko sodelovanje

19. 03. 2013

Celotna baza tehnoloških profilov Enterprise Europe Network: www.een.si/index.php?id=16&lang=si.

Podrobnejše informacije o navedenih ponudbah lahko dobite pri kontaktnih osebah navedenih spodaj.

13 FR 38n0 3S4M

Looking for unmanned aircraft technologies to monitor crop productions and conduct fields surveys

13 NL 60FI 3S32

Cost effective processing technology to upgrade organic waste materials to the highest possible quality level

13 ES 28G2 3S20

Benzothiazole Derivatives as CK-1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

13 FR 32I9 3S4P

A mechanical medical device, coupled with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, that relieves chronic pain

13 SE 67CL 3S4N

Alternatives to stone wool as damping material

13 IT 53U1 3RPK

Novel, safe and comfortable protection device from welding

13 RO 78EG 3S46

Nanochemical technology aimed for obtaining environmentally friendly anticorrosive SnO2-based nanocoatings

13 ES 28G2 3S1Z

Antiparasitic of natural origin and with efficacy against ticks

13 FR 34K2 3S4D

Seeking solution to quickly measure the level of bacterial contamination in aqueous samples containing living cells

12 RO 662C 3RIU

Implementation of a wearable (portable) system

13 IT 56Z6 3S2N

IT device for drug delivery at bedside

13 PL 63AZ 3S3O

Technological hybrid project for ethanol and energy extraction from biomass and organic fertilizers production

13 BG 0528 3RZN

Cost efficient technology for cleaning of exhausted gases from sulfur oxides and carbon dioxide, applicable in energetics, chemistry and metallurgy

13 ES 24D8 3S21

Oil-spill detection system based on synthetic aperture radar image processsing

12 RO 662C 3RIT

ICT solutions to monitor elderly and people with disabilities

13 NL 60FI 3RTM

A new biological method for weed control

12 IT 53V2 3R02

New biocompatible macroporous material for heparin absorption

13 ES 28G2 3RUJ

Anticarcinogenic polymer nanoparticles with high selectivity

Institut »Jožef Stefan«

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Trobec

Tel: (01) 477 38 79

E-pošta: marjeta.trobec@ijs.si

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Simona Rataj

Tel: (01) 589 81 39

E-pošta: simona.rataj@gzs.si

Center za interdisciplinarne in multidisciplinarne raziskave in študije Univerze v Mariboru

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Krekova 2, 2000 Maribor

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Maurer

Tel: (02) 235 52 79

E-pošta: marjeta.maurer@uni-mb.si

Univerza na Primorskem

Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Garibaldijeva 18, SI-6000 Koper

Kontaktna oseba: Simon Čotar

Tel: (05) 663 77 83

E-pošta: simon.cotar@zrs.upr.si

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