Tehnološko sodelovanje

Tehnološko sodelovanje

16. 03. 2010

10 LV 58AD 3G6A

Airport obstacle mapping and monitoring

10 ES 28F8 3G3F

Algorithms for MIMO-OFDM wireless communications

10 DK 20B7 3GNV

Clean Label Fond

09 TR 98OA 3G17

Double Sided Steam Autoclave with Slipping Covers

10 SE 67CM 3GN8

Easy to use online backup system for Microsoft Windows

10 DK 20B7 3GIC

Near Infrared Transmission Data Key: New and non-destructive method for testing and sorting seeds by quality

10 RO 662B 3GP0

Thermo-chromic systems with xantenic dyes

10 GB 45P2 3GET

Wireless Mesh networks

10 NO 79EL 3GNB

Extended life time and power of locomotion for carbon fibre epoxy rod

10 FR 35K7 3GO2

3D data compression based on vector quantization

10 IL 80ER 3GE0

A procedure to improve immediate and long term clinical outcome of stem cells transplantation

10 DE 1592 3G6C

Lightweight interieur solutions for aerospace, automotive and marine applications

10 DE 1067 3GOY

Novel textile demineralization technology for the sustainable restoration and reconstruction of masonry in buildings

10 SK 69CV 3GE1

Ultrasonic cutting system

10 HU 50S4 3GLF

Loading and packaging technology of granulated artificial fertilizer

10 BE 0213 3GL0

Salt substitute adapted to meat precooked dishes in modified atmosphere packaging

10 GB 44O7 3GK1

Seeking chemical treatments for the de-pigmentation of natural human hair without bleaching or acids

10 CZ 0746 3G9W

Technology for bulk production of new type of screw compressor


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