Tehnološko sodelovanje

Tehnološko sodelovanje

19. 06. 2012

Celotna baza tehnoloških profilov Enterprise Europe Network: www.een.si/index.php?id=16&lang=si.

Podrobnejše informacije o navedenih ponudbah lahko dobite pri kontaktnih osebah navedenih spodaj.

12 FR 32j3 3P6Z

Surface quality inspection and quality appearance solutions based on optical deflectometry to assist or replace human subjective inspection

12 GB 403U 3P5P

Cutting edge system for risk based maintenance and management of deteriorating concrete bridges

12 DE 1170 3OHH

Production proceess of a selective absorbing titanium nitride layer

12 EE 21B9 3P5X

High-throughput method for screening substances inhibiting Alzheimer's amyloid beta peptides

12 FR 38n0 3P1N

Joint development of conductive heat materials to handle heat management of lithium-ion batteries

12 IT 55X7 3OXE

Development of New Nutraceutical Products

12 SI 68CN 3P5R

Panel for monitoring and managing fire detection systems

12 FR 38n0 3PB2

Know-how in electrochemical energy storage systems and functional specifications for the energy industry

12 ES 28G2 3P5N

Lactic acid bacterium for white wine production

12 GB 403U 3P5M

2D/3D drawings/elevation plan software to produce bespoke tiling layouts which can be exported to CNC machining code

12 IT 54W2 3P5T

Innovative multifunctional nomadic devices for Blind and Hypo-seeing people

12 BE 0427 3PCO

Safety critical embedded systems software solutions

12 GB 403U 3OEP

Unique mixing and tailored additive system for pharmaceuticals and food ingredients

12 NL 60AH 3P5Y

Robotized grasping mechanism for delicate products

12 FR 38n0 3PA3

Sprinkling solution for the food-processing industry

12 GB 40n4 3P5K

High Performance Surface Cleaning

12 IT 54W2 3P5Q

New solid electrolytes for photovoltaic applications

12 ES 28G2 3P63

A natural fungal extract to reduce or eliminate biogenic amines in wine and other fermented foods

Institut »Jožef Stefan«

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Trobec

Tel: (01) 477 38 79

E-pošta: marjeta.trobec@ijs.si

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Simona Rataj

Tel: (01) 589 81 39

E-pošta: simona.rataj@gzs.si

Center za interdisciplinarne in multidisciplinarne   raziskave in študije Univerze v Mariboru

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Krekova 2, 2000 Maribor

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Maurer

Tel: (02) 235 52 79

E-pošta: marjeta.maurer@uni-mb.si

Univerza na Primorskem

Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Garibaldijeva 18, SI-6000 Koper

Kontaktna oseba: Simon Čotar

Tel: (05) 663 77 83

E-pošta: simon.cotar@zrs.upr.si

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