Tehnološko sodelovanje

Tehnološko sodelovanje

26. 10. 2012

Celotna baza tehnoloških profilov Enterprise Europe Network: www.een.si/index.php?id=16&lang=si.

Podrobnejše informacije o navedenih ponudbah lahko dobite pri kontaktnih osebah navedenih spodaj.

12 HR 89GM 3PH8

Hand tool for fish removal from the net

12 KR 9A9D 3QL5

Apparatus and method for inspecting homogeneity of Solar cell quantum efficiency using Imaging device

12 FR 38m5 3QM7

Production of drugs synthesized by bacteria at the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or GMP-like grade

12 IT 55Y2 3PXT

Fast Microbiology for determination of fluorescent particles

12 GR 49Q8 3QHD

Measurement of the electrical conductivity of antistatic fabrics

12 HR 89GM 3PHA

Glare protection for car lights

12 BG 0532 3NZ1

A pinion with variable outer diameter

12 FR 38m5 3QM9

Manufacturer of an inductor that generates an alternating magnetic field necessary to heat nanoparticles

12 HR 89GM 3PH9

Cloud-based complete software solution for SMEs

12 CZ 0744 3QM6

Solution that enhances hydrophobicity of nanofiber materials intended for outdoor sportswear

12 NL 60AH 3QNO

Portable and stationary gas detection systems using optical techniques

12 MK 82EW 3QM5

Electromagnetic Anti-Stress Therapy for Catharsis

12 ES 2409 3QKJ

Curd mould pressing machine for the production of cheese

12 HR 89GM 3PLU

Solution for wire holding during spring manufacturing

12 PL 63BB 3QEO

Automatic system for polyurethane and silicone sealing for control metal cabinets sought

12 FR 38m5 3QMA

Toxicity testing of nanoparticles synthesized by magnetotactic bacteria, called magnetosomes

12 NL 60AH 3Q7E

New applications for innovative multi-touch lighting control

12 IT 54V7 3QER

Device for the recovery of kinetic energy dissipated during braking and by a shock-absorber in a bicycle

Institut »Jožef Stefan«

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Trobec

Tel: (01) 477 38 79

E-pošta: marjeta.trobec@ijs.si

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Simona Rataj

Tel: (01) 589 81 39

E-pošta: simona.rataj@gzs.si

Center za interdisciplinarne in multidisciplinarne raziskave in študije Univerze v Mariboru

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Krekova 2, 2000 Maribor

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Maurer

Tel: (02) 235 52 79

E-pošta: marjeta.maurer@uni-mb.si

Univerza na Primorskem

Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Garibaldijeva 18, SI-6000 Koper

Kontaktna oseba: Simon Čotar

Tel: (05) 663 77 83

E-pošta: simon.cotar@zrs.upr.si

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