Tehnološko dodelovanje

Tehnološko dodelovanje

27. 11. 2009


09 PL 63BC 3F5F

Innovate technology for manufacturing leather accessories products

09 LT 57AB 3FCU

Technology for directly printing labels on the surface of plastic bottles

09 NL 60AH 3F55

Knowledge enabling accurate 2-dimensional detection, identification and localisation

09 NL 60AH 3EX7

Enabling visualization of medical devices in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

09 NL 60AH 3EGQ

A process to recycle asbestos to non lethal mass for re-use as cement

09 PL 63BC 3EU4

Research laboratory equipment for testing flexible container bags

09 PL 63BC 3ETS

A new meat filleting machine designed for food industry

09 LV 58AD 3FED

Environmentally friendly water disinfection

09 FI 30I2 3FGF

eBook Solution for Libraries or Publishing industry

09 SE 67CG 3FB6

Lean and tailormade production of door-frames

09 HU 50R7 3FG9

Invisible anti-counterfeit marking technology, high protection of genuineness

09 DE 1375 3FEF

Controlling and Monitoring of Machines via Standard Internet Applications

09 NL 60AH 3EGM

Therapeutic protein with blockbuster potential in acute- and chronic inflammatory diseases

09 HR 89GL 3F3C

Non sound damaging violin and viola chinrest

09 IE 51S6 3F75

Hypercube Sudoku

09 GB 40n6 3FCG

Device and/or diagnostic systems to detect oral care problems

09 GB 41n8 3FGG

A robust tool for precision horticulture that measures growing conditions directly within the root zone

09 GB 46P4 3FBO

Licensing partners required for a novel opening mechanism for canned products


Institut »Jožef Stefan«

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Marjeta Trobec

Tel: (01) 477 38 79

E-mail: marjeta.trobec@ijs.si



Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktna oseba: Simona Rataj

Tel: (01) 589 81 39

E-mail: simona.rataj@gzs.si


Center za interdisciplinarne in multidisciplinarne raziskave in študije Univerze v Mariboru

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Krekova 2, 2000 Maribor

Kontaktna oseba: Sonja Petrič

Tel: (02) 235 52 59

E-mail: sonja.petric@uni-mb.si


Univerza na Primorskem

Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper

Enterprise Europe Network - Slovenija

Garibaldijeva 18, SI-6000 Koper

Kontaktna oseba: Dragan Šumanski

Tel: (05) 663 77 83

E-mail: dragan.sumanski@zrs.upr.si


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